The Winner Clown Show  

 34. Glauker Festival in Attendorn at 2023.  

Hilarious interactive and visual comedy,

alongside surprising acrobatics. 

 Performed in 25 countries over 5 continents.

Around the Globe


The Show


Allow Imre to lift up the vibe with playful friendly fun in your Festival. During his show, he creates heart-touching moments with the kids by making them the Stars of the show and he turns the adults into Heros with friendly fun. From the street to the grand theatre, Imre’s spectacles are perfect for audiences of all ages and languages.


– Imre started his career as Olympic gymnast at the age of 8 and was selected in the junior national league at age 12. Later he became a national champion in his native Hungary. At the age of 19 Cirque Du Soleil gave him the opportunity to take part in the artistic development program at their Montreal headquarters, before he joined production “The Midnight Sun”. In addition to his early work as an aerialist, Imre trained in Clown full and bouffon, under the master Philippe Gaulier in Paris.

Imre has collaborated with numerous dance and circus companies, toured theatres, street festivals and big tops throughout Europe. Imre resides in London UK, where he performs regularly in the world Famous Covent Garden.